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##Project Overview

Pedagogy Toolkit for English is a teaching website that offers materials for use in composition, rhetoric, and literature courses. It is intended primarily for instructors of first-year courses, particularly those who are interested in digital approaches to teaching and would like to learn more. More than simply a website for finding material, Pedagogy Toolkit is built on top of a public repository of teaching documents that is open to all contributors. The content found here is free to use; this site is open source and everything is shared under a CC BY-SA license.


This site applies an open source philosophy to course development.

Every year, teachers generate a wealth of teaching documents, lesson plans, and new approaches to pedagogy. Building and refining these materials over time is the result of conversations and collaborations amongst teachers. Yet these collaborative efforts are often limited by physical boundaries, confined to groups within home institutions and at conference meetings. What if we could use new forms of online interaction to improve our teaching together? This site aims to do just that. Pedagogy Toolkit serves as a hub for sharing teaching documents and activities. It is designed to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of digital approaches to teaching while lowering the barrier of entry.


The full documentation for this project is available on our website.