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Axelar network audits

Audit reports of Axelar network's tech stack, covering the core protocol, smart contracts, cryptographic library, frontend, and backend code, found in repos, axelar-core, axelar-cgp-solidity, tofn, tofnd, axelar-web-app, axelarjs-sdk etc. We conduct ongoing audits that review all changes to the code to ensure a high degree of security.

Date Audit Mitigations Scope
2023-12 Ackee Blockchain Here interchain-token-service
2023-11 Ackee Blockchain Here interchain-token-service
2023-10 Least Authority Here interchain-token-service
2023-08 Yaar Hahn Here interchain-token-service
2023-08 Yaar Hahn Here axelar-core axelar-cgp-solidity Governance
2023-07 Code4rena Here interchain-token-service axelar-cgp-solidity Governance
2023-06 NCC Here axelar-core axelar-cgp-solidity Governance
2023-04 Informal Systems Here axelar-core Cosmos GMP
2023-04 Ackee Blockchain interchain-token-service
2023-02 NCC axelar-core Cosmos GMP
2023-02 Ackee Blockchain axelar-gmp-sdk-solidity Create3
2023-02 Ackee Blockchain axelar-interchain-token
2023-02 Ackee Blockchain axelar-gmp-sdk-solidity GMP Express
2023-01 Ackee Blockchain axelar-gmp-sdk-solidity
2022-12 Ackee Blockchain axelar-gmp-sdk-solidity
2022-12 Chaintroopers Axelar Relayer services
2022-11 NCC axelar-core Transfer Rate Limits
2022-10 Ackee Blockchain axelar-gmp-sdk-solidity
2022-09 Ackee Blockchain axelar-gmp-sdk-solidity
2022-08 Ackee Blockchain axelar-utils-solidity
2022-08 NCC axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-08 Chaintroopers axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-07 Code4rena Contest axelar-cgp-solidity, axelar-xc20-wrapper
2022-07 Ackee Blockchain axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-07 NCC axelar-core
2022-07 Ackee Blockchain axelar-cgp-solidity, axelar-xc20-wrapper
2022-06 NCC axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-06 Ackee Blockchain axelar-utils-solidity
2022-05 NCC axelar-core
2022-05 Ackee Blockchain axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-04 Chaintroopers axelar-web-app, axelarjs-sdk
2022-04 Cure53 axelar-core, axelar-cgp-solidity, axelar-web-app
2022-04 Certik axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-04 Code4rena Contest axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-04 Ackee Blockchain axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-03 NCC axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-03 Commonprefix axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-02 NCC axelar-core
2022-02 Ackee Blockchain axelar-cgp-solidity
2022-01 NCC axelar-cgp-solidity
2021-12 Oak Security axelar-core, axelar-cgp-solidity
2021-12 Cure53 axelar-core, axelar-cgp-solidity, tofn, tofnd, axelarjs-sdk
2021-12 NCC axelar-core, axelar-cgp-solidity
2021-11 Adrian and Lucas tofn, tofnd
2021-11 Commonprefix axelar-cgp-solidity
2021-08 NCC tofn, tofnd