Aihrus framework for WordPress plugins
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Axelerant Framework

Tested up to: 5.0 Stable tag: 1.3.3

A helper library for WordPress plugins. Maintained by Axelerant.


  • Content truncation helper methods
  • Donation links
  • Image source and media attachment helper methods
  • Licensing
  • Link creation helper methods
  • Nonce helper methods
  • Notifications
  • Validation helper methods


  • Change to plugin directory that's a Git clone
  • Load and link the external library
git remote add axelerant
git subtree add -P include/libraries/aihrus-framework axelerant master
git commit -a -m "Read axelerant framework"
git push origin master
  • Link plugin to libary
require WPS_DIR_LIB . '/aihrus-framework/class-aihrus-common.php';
  • Extend plugin class to library
class Wordpress_Starter extends Aihrus_Common {
  • Add class static members
public static $class = __CLASS__;
public static $notice_key;
  • Set notices…
if ( $bad_version )
	add_action( 'admin_notices', 'wps_notice_aihrus' );
function wps_notice_aihrus() {
	$help_url  = esc_url( '' );
	$help_link = sprintf( __( '<a href="%1$s">Update plugins</a>. <a href="%2$s">More information</a>.' ), self_admin_url( 'update-core.php' ), $help_url );

	$text = sprintf( esc_html__( 'Plugin "%1$s" has been deactivated as it requires a current Axelerant Framework. Once corrected, "%1$s" can be activated. %2$s' ), WPS_NAME, $help_link );

	aihr_notice_error( $text );
  • Update the external library
git subtree pull -P include/libraries/aihrus-framework axelerant master
  • Update the plugin repository
git push origin master

Included Libraries