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TCG ONE (Pokemon TCG Simulator) card implementation repository
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TCG ONE Engine Contrib

This is TCG ONE's engine contribution repository. It is mainly used for storing open source card implementations. You are welcome to submit pull requests!

Please read the wiki to understand about the engine.


TCG ONE is an Online Automated Pokémon Trading Card Game Simulator where players can gather online and play with their favorite cards in their respective formats. Its software is completely fan-made and is in no way affiliated with TPCI or its official game.

Some of its features are: Automated Game Mechanics, Online 1-1 play, Deck Editor, Lobby & Chat, Real Card Images, Multiple Game Formats (including Standard, Expanded and Classic Old School formats), Spectation, Game scoring system and Scoreboards, Career and Quickplay game modes, Personal Inventory, Assemble/Dissolve cards with ink, Leveling, Booster Pack simulator, Daily Quests and Achievements.

It went live on 18 July 2013 and is being actively developed and maintained. more info


  • We are using Groovy language to implement cards and their effects, with a custom designed DSL for it. It is basically a superset of Java, if you know Java than you'll easily get used to it.
  • Open sourcing the entire project is a really big task due to its complexity. For now, you will only be able to test your changes remotely (not on your local machine). I plan to restructure and open source the entire game engine gradually.
  • After every push to master branch, our CI system will automatically rebuild the code and update the commit status with the log. If everything goes well, it will deploy to, our staging dev server, which can be used to test cards before going to production. It is a special UI that allows searching and adding any card directly into play. Try it now!
  • If the build fails, you can check the logs via the status icon near every commit, first click the icon then click 'details'. A 'successful' build does not mean the code works, due to the dynamic nature of Groovy. Therefore, please test ALL cards by invoking ALL of their effects on the dev server.
  • The production server is rolled out manually, therefore your changes will not be immediately visible in production.

Instructions for a New Contributor

  1. Please read the wiki.
  2. Inspect implementations of some sets to understand more.
  3. Please join our Discord #dev room, ask any questions regarding implementations or contribution in there
  4. Decide on what you're going to contribute. You can investigate some bug reports or work on missing sets.
  5. Please fork this repository, commit your changes then submit a pull request to master.
  6. I review your request and merge your changes to master. Please read and adhere to Repository Rules below or your request might be rejected.
  7. After your changes are merged to master, go to and test your changes, fix any bugs that you encounter with additional commits.
  8. After you've submitted several good standing commits, I'll add you as a contributor so you'll be able to push directly to master branch. You will also get developer role in our Discord server and become a TCG ONE staff member!

Repository Rules

  • NO MERGE COMMITS! ALWAYS USE REBASE! Please always run git pull --rebase --autostash to get changes from the server, else you may litter the repository history.
  • Please DO NOT commit any other file than card implementation files like metadata files, IDE garbage, etc, your merge request will not be accepted.
  • Please also be careful to NOT let your IDE/editor to enforce some whitespace ruling to change whitespaces of files, it makes really hard to track real changes.
  • Licensing: We are using Apache License 2.0 for the source code. You confirm you accept the terms the moment you send any contribution to the repository.

What to do next?

  1. We usually have a lot of unresolved bugs to sort out, we'd appreciate a lot if you'd start hunting them!

  2. Start implementing Pokemod expansions under pokemod package.

  3. Other than that, you may start looking at the missing gen4 sets and start coding!


Thank you!

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