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McFly is a no-framework framework
that assists in leveraging the web platform

Project Status

We are currently in a Proof of Concept phase. All parts are subject to breaking changes in minor releases.


Need help? Wanna hangout? Everyone is welcome to join our public Matrix space at or just read through the Discussion channel even without an account!


Run the following to generate a McFly starter project.

npm create mcfly@latest


The time has come for vanilla Web tech. 🎉

✅ Create web apps with vanilla custom elements
✅ Write real .HTML files
✅ Have no frameworks or reactivity libraries on the browser
✅ Use server-side rendering
✅ Deploy anywhere

Special directories

1. ./src/pages/

  • file-based routing for .html files
  • directly use custom elements & static fragments (no imports or registry maintenance needed)
  • use <script server:setup> to define logic that runs on the server, which then gets stripped away

2. ./src/components/

  • custom element constructor files (only .js files for now)
  • all components are automatically registered using their file names; a hello-world.js component can be used as <hello-world>
  • static .html fragments; a my-header.html fragment can be directly used as <my-header>

3. ./routes/api/

  • file-based routing for REST API endpoints
  • e.g., ./routes/api/users.ts can be accessed via http://<domain>/api/users
  • TypeScript or JavaScript welcome!


The following are the project packages published on the NPM registry:

Package Description Version
@mcflyjs/cli The McFly CLI tooling npm version
@mcflyjs/config Nitro server config for McFly projects npm version
@mcflyjs/core Route event and config handlers npm version
create-mcfly Script for scaffolding a new McFly workspace npm version

More info

This framework is a result of an exploration for using Nitro and vanilla JS custom elements using a minimal Web Component Base class.

Nitro is the same production-grade web server powering Nuxt

Just keep building
A project by Ayo Ayco


[🚧 In-Progress] Back to the Basics. Into the Future. 😱







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