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BDD style memory leak hunting tool

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memdiff Build Status

BDD style memory leak hunting tool. See example/simple.js


Memdiff is experimental. I've been noticing some inconsistency, haven't had time for checking out and fixing yet.


$ npm install -g memdiff

Requires Node v0.8.x


$ memdiff --help

Example Module

// example/simple.js
function SimpleClass(){}

var leaks = [];

describe('SimpleClass', function(){

  it('is leaking', function(){
    leaks.push(new SimpleClass);

  it('is async and not leaking', function(done){
    new SimpleClass;




var memdiff = require('memdiff');

function SimpleClass(){}

var leaks = [];

function leaking(){
  leaks.push(new SimpleClass);

memdiff(leaking, function(result){ // or memdiff({ fn: leaking, duration: 15, times: 9999, interval: 1 ....
  console.log('leaking: ', result.size);
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