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HPC packaging recipes for OVIS products
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As of Dec 2018, there are several planned platforms, organized by directory. See below for instructions on package construction.

Platforms with binary packaging

  • toss2/ TOSS 2 RHEL 6 derivative with specialized plugins is deprecated.

  • toss3/ TOSS 3 RHEL 7 derivative with specialized plugins

  • rhel6/ desktop Redhat Enterprise 6 without specialized subsystems is deprecated.

  • rhel7/ desktop Redhat Enterprise 7 without specialized subsystems.

  • rhel7-rabbitmq/ desktop Redhat Enterprise 7 with librabbitmq packages added.

Platforms with source build examples

  • u16/ Ubuntu 16 without specialized plugins
  • If you wish to contribute a binary build (.deb format), please contact

Making packages

Clone this repository to a scratch directory, go to the directory of interest, and execute the firerpms script. E.g.

git clone
cd distribution
cd rhel7

If successful, this will get you a list of rpms for the latest stable public release on that platform. The rpms are relocatable, which is at variance with most Linux distribution's standard policies. You will need pre-installed the utility packages for building RPMs in general.

Making packages off the grid

Sites which need to build RPMs on a machine without external access to github must stage a clone (not a zip file) of distribution, ovis, and SOS repositories. See the instructions for the simplest way to do it.


See the file for RPM usage guidance.

What is new

See for info on how the current release compares to LDMS v2.

Making test packages

For any platform, there may also be a $platform.unstable/ directory containing development, test, and historical builds. Third parties should not attempt to build these unstable packages. These will be under numerous names. There will often be a firerpms script which combines the most recent development sources. In many cases the repositories used will require special access privileges. When working with test packages, pay particular attention to the variables at the top of the fire script which control repository and branch.

Configuring an HPC cluster with LDMS

Scalable configuration management of clusters is most easily done using the libgenders options to control the ldmsd systemd service. An example of this is given in

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