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Unofficial TeuxDeux API

This site documents Teuxdeux's unofficial API used by their iPhone app. According to their FAQ they are currently working on the documentation but nothing is released yet. I decided to get it going, grabbed an iPod and started to document it.

Full API documentation here.

What you need to know

  • All communication goes trough HTTPS on Port 443
  • All requests needs Basic Auth information (base64-encoded String of "mail:password")
  • The official client uses the User-Agent TeuxDeux/1.04 CFNetwork/485.13.9 Darwin/11.0.0. I tested the API using cURL, so it is not needed.
  • All responses can be requested in JSON or XML format (TeuxDeux uses basic rails and brings this option by default)


The fifth todo item I created in my TeuxDeux Account was reverse engineer TeuxDeux. I really want an Android App to manage my Todos on the go but without an API creating one is impossible.

So after I read mislav's Creating the missing Instagram web interface a while ago I decided to try this approach with the TeuxDeux iOS App.

mislav mentioned the Charles HTTP Proxy and it worked really well for me.

I also made use of cURL on the command line to test.


Client libraries

Add more libraries if you know of some. I would also like to have an Android App and if I find some time I will work on it (or TeuxDeux rolls out there own app first)