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Finds the medoid of n points in O(nlog n) steps (naive approach takes O(n^2) steps).

This is a codebase to reproduce all the figures and numbers of the paper titled - "Medoids in Almost-Linear time via multi-arm bandits".

  1. All the figures can be viewed and generated via ipython notebooks in 'figure' folder
  2. The above figures are generated from experiments - stored in 'experiments' folder
  3. The stored experiments can be re-generated using the following four lines of code
  • python --dataset rnaseq20k --num_exp 1000 --num_jobs 32 --verbose False

  • python --dataset rnaseq100k --num_exp 1000 --num_jobs 32 --verbose False

  • python --dataset netflix20k --num_exp 1000 --num_jobs 32 --verbose False

  • python --dataset netflix100k --num_exp 1000 --num_jobs 32 --verbose False

    • dataset - name of the dataset
    • num_exp - Number of total experiments
    • num_jobs - Number of experiments run parallely