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Common scripts for use when developing projects
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Maintainer: @brownjohnf

This is a collection of scripts for running standard development and CI workflows. By contributing scripts here and consuming scripts from this repository, you can ensure that you're running things like tests and linting in the same way that our CI system will run them.


The scripts are organized by associated project type, or shared for general-purpose scripts. An example is the electron/ script. This script will build electron projects, and handle things like checking dependencies and outputting all the different sort of artifacts you might want.


If you have common tasks you perform and would like to share with the rest of the company or the CI pipelines, we encourage submitting new scripts here.

Contribution Guidelines

  • Any and all secrets consumed in a script should be read from the environment, and never exposed via debugging output, including use of the set -x flag. If you want to output the commands being run, just ensure you put a set +x before any sensitive commands.
  • Ensure that all paths to other scripts are relative to the file, and don't depend on where the working directory is set in the calling process.
  • All scripts should run in bash, and check their dependencies prior to using them. There's a script at shared/ for checking dependencies. See the electron builder script for an example of usage.
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