An example Ember.js app, a demo version of Rock and Roll with Ember.js
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Rock & Roll with Ember.js - Demo version

This app is a smaller version of the app that is built in my Rock and Roll with Ember.js book.

It demoes a simple music catalogue where you can create bands and songs, and sort and rate the latter. Please don't try to use it to actually create an inventory of your music. All the data is stored in memory only and destroyed upon refresh.

You can check out the running app here.

Tech specs

The app aims to be running on a relatively recent, stable version of Ember.js (now that the LTS versions are announced, it will probably run on the latest LTS version) and contain several of the features the full app has.

  • It uses a relatively recent version of Ember Data.
  • There is no backend. The app uses the fantastic ember-cli-mirage addon to create some seed data and to mock out server responses. All data is ephemeral and destroyed on reload.
  • It strives to show idiomatic Ember and use ES2015 features, like destructuring and let.
  • It is deployed on Heroku.

Found a bug?

That's great, please submit a pull request.


I would like you to be able to do anything you wish with this code as long as you don't sell it, or anything that uses it (e.g a screencast). To that end, I chose the GPL v2 License which you find here in the repository and which is nicely summarized on

Feel free to fork it, play with it, share it with friends or use some code snippets in a presentation while you keep the license and the copyright notice in the repository.

Copyright (c) 2016 Balint Erdi