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Welcome to Ballerina 👋

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Ballerina is an open-source cloud-native programming language optimized for integration. It is developed and supported by WSO2.

With Ballerina, you can easily develop microservices, API endpoints and integrations, and any other application for the cloud. Additionally, Ballerina has all the general-purpose functionalities you could expect from a modern programming language.

With Ballerina's compiler-level built-in support for widely used data types such as JSON and XML, your focus on handling structured data, network service interactions, and dealing with concurrency is made much more effective.

Ballerina provides language constructs specifically for consuming and delivering network services. Its abstractions and syntax for concurrency and network interaction have been designed to correspond with sequence diagrams closely. This enables a bidirectional mapping for any Ballerina function between its textual representation in the syntax and its graphical representation as a sequence diagram.

Get started

You can use the resources below to get started with Ballerina.

Contribute to Ballerina

As an open-source project, Ballerina welcomes contributions from the community. To start contributing, read the contribution guidelines for information on how you should go about contributing to the project.

Report issues and security flaws

Tip: If you are unsure whether you have found a bug, search the existing issues in the GitHub repo and raise it in the Ballerina Discord or Stack Overflow.


Ballerina code is distributed under the Apache license 2.0.

Useful links

✋ Chat live with us on our Discord community and engage with the Ballerina community.

❓Technical questions should be posted on Stack Overflow with the ballerina tag.


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    The Ballerina Programming Language

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    Ballerina Language and Platform Specifications

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