A Hap player for OpenFrameworks
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A Hap player for OpenFrameworks on MacOS X and Windows (the Windows version currently works with OpenFrameworks 0.8 only).

Hap is a codec for fast video playback and is available for free here - it is required for accelerated playback using this addon.

This repo has branches for major OF versions. Use the branch which matches the version of OF you are using. The master branch matches the current OF release. An of_head branch aims to keep up to date with development work on OpenFrameworks' master branch.

For example, if you want to use the addon with OpenFrameworks 0.8.x:

$ cd addons/ofxHapPlayer
$ git checkout OpenFrameworks-0.8


#import "ofxHapPlayer.h"

ofxHapPlayer inherits from ofBaseVideoPlayer


When you want to draw:

player.draw(20, 20);

Note that there is no direct access to pixels and calls to getPixels() will return NULL.

Advanced Usage

You can access the texture directly:

ofTexture *texture = player.getTexture();

Note that if you access the texture directly for a Hap Q movie, you will need to use a shader when you draw:

ofShader *shader = player.getShader();
// the result of getShader() will be NULL if the movie is not Hap Q
if (shader)
if (shader)

Credits and License

ofxHapPlayer was written by Tom Butterworth, April 2013, supported by Igloo Vision and James Sheridan. It is released under a FreeBSD License.