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Install PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Nginx, and DHIS 2.30 on CentOS 7.


Do not use this configuration in any production workloads! Configurations are intended for local development environments only!


Install VirtualBox and Vagrant for your platform. Then, in a terminal, navigate to this directory and run vagrant up. After provisioning is complete, DHIS2 will be accessible at http://localhost:8080.


git clone
cd dhis2-centos
vagrant up

Wait a while... then, you can browse


It is required to SSH into the Virtual Machine by running:

vagrant ssh
sudo -i

Clear out DHIS2 database

service tomcat stop
psql -U dhis -d dhis2 -c "DROP SCHEMA public CASCADE; CREATE SCHEMA public;"

Load your own DHIS2 database

Put your SQL file into the repository where you cloned it (on your host machine). Clear out database as described above. Shared files are in the /vagrant folder within the guest VM.

psql -U dhis -d dhis2 -f /vagrant/file.sql

Check DHIS2 logs

tail -f /opt/dhis2/logs/dhis.log

Load different DHIS2 version

service tomcat stop
cd /var/lib/tomcat/webapps
rm -f ROOT.war
rm -rf ROOT/
wget -O ROOT.war ""
service tomcat start

Alternatively, open Vagrantfile in a text editor, edit the line containing ansible.extra_vars, specify the version you want, save the file, and then run vagrant --provision to re-setup.


ansible local provisioner:
* The following settings shouldn't exist: become

If you get an error about settings, make sure you have the latest versions of both Vagrant (2.0 or higher) and VirtualBox (5.2 or higher) installed.