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PHP Console server features

Sergey edited this page Nov 6, 2013 · 3 revisions

There is a features list of PHP Console server library.

  • Connector
    • Works with different server encodings
    • Performance optimized(can be used on highload production)
    • SSL only connection mode(optional)
    • Protect connection by list of allowed IP masks
  • Handler
    • Handle PHP errors(+fatal & memory limit) and exceptions
    • Ignore repeated errors
    • Call previously defined errors and exceptions handlers
  • Dumper
    • Dump any type variable
    • Dump protected and private objects properties
    • Limit dump by level, items count, item size and total size
    • Dump objects class name
    • Prevent recursive loops
    • Smart dump callbacks and Closure
    • Detect dump call source & trace
  • Auth
    • Protect connection by list of allowed IP masks
    • Protect connection by password
    • Auth token is hashed using SHA-256 and depends on client IP
  • Eval provider
    • Execute PHP code in password protected mode only
    • Every eval request is signed by unique SHA-256 hash
    • Result contains: output, return and time data
    • Errors & exception occurred during PHP code execution will be handled
    • Add any vars to eval short access
    • Protects file system access by “open_basedir” PHP setting
  • PSR-3 logger implementation
  • Debug call helper with short global class PC
  • Old version adapter for easy migration from PhpConsole v1.* to v3.*
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