An interface for ordering from Wesleyan dining locations remotely
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Use our intuitive system to skip the line and the wait at Summies and Late Night! FoodyCall is an interface for ordering from these Wesleyan dining locations remotely. The entire menus are available for viewing and choosing from, based upon which vendors are currenty open. Users also have the option to add ratings after they have received their orders.

Simply enter your cell phone number to begin the process, choose the main course, pick your favorite side. Any special needs? We got you. Pay at pick-up with your choice of points or meals. Rate your favorite options, and tear apart the ones you hate. Not sure if it went through? Want to know your order number? Don't worry, we'll text you. Not sure if your favorite place is open? Just navigate to FoodyCall and look at the top. when it's closed you'll see No FoodyCall at the top.


You can see the screenshots from here.


To run the application locally:

  1. Populate the menu database by navigating to FoodyCall/lib/populate and running (depends on the CSV file)
  2. Return to the main directory and run python to run the application. It will be available at localhost:5000.