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MozRepl lets you program Firefox and other Mozilla-based applications from the inside. Curious? See how.


Install from addons.mozilla.org.

(To use with XULRunner: Right-click → “Save Link As…” then save in your app’s extensions/ directory. See below for XULRunner-specific instructions.)

Former users of MozLab, please note: the MozLab extension contains an older version of MozRepl. If you have MozLab, remove it before installing MozRepl from this page.

How to use

Platform and IDE integration

Hacking & customizing

Related work

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Third-party articles and tutorials

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Questions? For community support please post to the mailing list. The mailing list is about MozRepl-specific issues only, for questions about programming on the Mozilla platform post to the appropriate mozilla.dev group

For commercial one-on-one support, training, and software customization, please contact the author.