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Export a Subversion dump into a Git repository via git-fast-import
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test.dump Integrated generic allocator with repo_tree.


A tool to convert a subversion dump for input to git-fast-import

This project has largely continued as a fork embedded in git.git. The changes present in git v1.7.10.2 have been upstreamed.


This project is distributed under a two-clause BSD style license.
It contains a derivative of Jason Evans’ hash-based treap implementation.
It also contains a derivative of svndump-0.92, a parser in Java by Stefan Hegny and others. This was a component of SvnToCCase.
The rest of the project is presently copyright:

  • David Barr
  • Ramkumar Ramachandra
  • Jonathan Nieder
  • Ramsay Jones
  • Jim Meyering
  • Dmitry Ivankov
  • Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
  • Michael Witten
  • Junio C Hamano

See compat/LICENSE for licensing details of the compatibility library.

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