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Light-weight client-side task-board (my HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript playground)

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Taskboard Lite

Taskboard Lite is a light-weight on-line whiteboard for your task and notes about life, the universe and everything.
It's easy to use like a fridge door with sticky notes.

You like to get things done? - Use it as a colorful todo list.

Are you an agile enthusiast? - Turn in into kanban or scrum board.

Inspired by:

  * Cognifide's Taskboard (
  * StickyScreen (

Icons taken from Fugue Icon set by Yusuke Kamiyamane

10k Apart

Basic version of Taskboard Lite packed into 10k bytes was submitted as Taskboard 10k to 10k Apart contest.
This version is available in `10k` branch:


Copyright 2010 Bartek Szopka. Released under MIT License.

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