Bring your own TypeScript with more public definitions
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Bring your own TypeScript


I HAVE PARKED THIS PROJECT and just use the public api from TypeScript as it is sufficient for my current experiments ❤️

Use the latest TypeScript, with complete access to the compiler API 🌹


Still Just TypeScript

  • byots will use whatever TypeScript version you install in your application. So you are actually using whatever TypeScript you bring in (recommend npm install typescript@next).

But with the following advantages

  • Provide ts globally. If you are doing heavy TypeScript work this helps e.g. alm / atom-typescript / tslint all do this.
  • With a better definition file. We expose the internal APIs (the ones that have /* internal */). It helps experiment by copy pasting from the TypeScript source code.

The definitions are updated daily automatically and our version numbers match the TypeScript nightly version numbers.


In your package.json

npm install byots@latest --save --save-exact

Each release is named after the day it was built and the git commit hash in Microsoft/TypeScript/master that it was built from. We recommend adding save-exact so you know exactly what you tested with.



Use import * as ts from 'byots' and you get what require('typescript') would give you.

Global ts

In addition to returning what typescript returns we also expose ts as a global.

import 'byots';

Which makes it easy to use the compiler API if you are using it heavily. Note you only need to import once from any file.


Note that this is a personal endeavor, not officially by Microsoft.