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Don't forget to star this repository :) And feel free to fork it.

Core Developers

How to contribute?

Bug fixes

  • Just fork the repository, apply your bug fix and send a pull request on the development branch.


  • File an issue on this repo with a title that looks like this: [Proposal] Admin Dashboard.
  • Once the proposal is approved you can go ahead and implement your proposal and send a pull request.

You can also contribute features by visiting the issues page on the repository, you'll see issues tagged with "request", if you want to implement it, just leave a comment that you will implement it and just send a pull request.


A huge thanks to these developers who contributed to the development of the site:


  1. PHP 5.4
  2. Redis

Local Installation

See wiki page

Running the tests

  1. Create a test database and configure config/testing/database.php

  2. Migrate and Seed database for testing php artisan migrate --seed --env=testing

  3. Run php vendor/bin/phpunit in the console