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Powprox: Nginx proxy for Pow apps

  • Serve Pow apps with SSL and HTTP/2
  • Doesn't muck with your Pow setup at all. Only port 443 is proxied, not port 80.
  • No certificate mismatch errors in the browser
  • Automatically manage SSL certs
  • Optional per-app nginx config


open https://yourapp.dev

Inspired by @paulnicholson's powssl for Stud which raised the bar from a simple wildcard SSL proxy to a smooth, browser-friendly setup.

Browser support

  • Chrome: Just Works
  • Safari: Just Works
  • Firefox: manually import ~/.powprox/ssl/ca/pow-root-ca.crt as a trusted certificate authority. Preferences > Advanced > Certificates > View Certificates > Authorities > Import… > Trust this CA to identify websites
  • iOS: email yourself ~/.powprox/ssl/ca/pow-root-ca.crt and open it on the device to install it
  • Android: http://wiki.cacert.org/FAQ/ImportRootCert#Android_Phones_.26_Tablets