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This repository


This is a pre-release and not fully functional or ready for production environments!!


- Do not commit your key/password to the Tests App.config

To Enable Integration Tests

  • Create a file called appSettings.config.hidden and put it in the BaseSpace.SDK.Tests directory
  • Put the following in this file:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <add key="basespace:api-key" value="YOURVALUE"/>
    <add key="basespace:api-secret" value="YOURVALUE"/>
    <add key="basespace:api-authcode" value="YOURVALUE"/>
    <add key="basespace:api-url" value=""/>
    <add key="basespace:web-url" value=""/>
    <add key="basespace:api-version" value="v1pre3"/>
  • Replace the values with the ones you want to test
  • Unit tests assume access token has read/write privileges and access to multiple runs/projects/samples but doesn't assume specific data unless global


All contributions are welcome, but must be made as a pull request and be useful for a wide range of users. Please follow coding style in code and resharper rules if present.

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