The Unofficial Symphony CMS Extensions Library
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Downloadable-Page-Type @ ca60d72
EnableTabkey @ 8f725d8
NoEditing @ be707dd
ab_split_test @ 0ab4bbe
activitylog @ 241c62d
additional_page_types @ f13b126
address_field @ b04f9f8
admin_css_override @ 4f640bc
admin_rainbow_headline @ 9283b87
advancedtaglist @ de98570
advanceduploadfield @ 9da8bf8
akismet @ fa796bb
asdc @ b2c5076
bilinkfield @ 8f0a569
breadcrumb @ 514c8e0
browsedevkit @ 5b7f9e7
cachelite @ 5af064c
calendaroverlay @ 522522b
canofspam @ 232ee3c
charactercount_textarea @ 5b9bb83
charactercounter_textinput @ 1435995
cleanurlparams @ c933d3e
collapse_sectionfields @ 3fb1d1c
color_chooser_field @ d715703
configuration @ eb04006
content_type_mappings @ 47e6973
cookiemonster @ b3f8d02
cron @ 3aafa73
curlinputfield @ 4c730c0
databasemanipulator @ 42d8335
datasource_cache @ c5140d0
datemodified @ 2deac35
datestamp_helper @ fcc495b
datetaglistfield @ dc9e009
datetime @ d0ae1a9
db_sync @ ec60a68
debugdevkit @ 89714d6
duplicate_entry @ 6d56278
dynamic_event_redirect @ 2fb221d
email_field @ 8140526
emailtemplatefilter @ 0ee419e
enhancedtaglist @ c9ab27e
entity_diagram @ 0a5c0ac
eventex @ 13568aa
export_ensemble @ 766485e
export_install_file @ 73fffb9
expressionfield @ 11db369
extension--time-field @ 09128af
filemanager @ 93ee51e
filterfield @ bd039f4
firebug_profiler @ 6d34f18
flexdatefield @ 5ae124d
frontend_authentication @ 07663df
frontendmembermanager @ 11be7be
gcse @ b1f91e3
german @ cd6eeb4
globalparamloader @ 81876ec
globalresourceloader @ 459edec
gravatar @ 8c03793
hashfield @ ee97856
htmlformatter @ ef057c8
imagecropper @ 45a8cea
importmanager @ 0863b7d
improvedpageresolve @ 9746205
incrementnumberfield @ fae237a
iplocation_lookup @ 8be7534
jQueryfor202 @ 5f823e4
jit_image_manipulation @ 1e31ceb
jquery_date_picker @ 9858d0a
languagefield @ b941a19
library @ 47b6ac0
localisationmanager @ 00c4f19
logsdevkit @ 1327e0e
mailchimp @ 73f2927
maintenance_mode @ 157d42f
maplocationfield @ 7b22f49
markdown @ 99d2521
markitup @ 57f0f23
mass-upload-utility @ 65bf7b4
mediathek @ 1c5fba1
mediumtextareafield @ 862b8ba
members @ f8e3af5
multiselect_to_checkboxes @ 8b2d37b
nested_cats @ 6d34012
new_visiter @ f51bf8e
numberfield @ feb1c9b
numericgroupingfield @ e8c3060
order_entries @ 5d8ad2c
page_fields @ 00c9673
pages_editor_minimal @ 994bd7b
pagesfield @ a094a14
pagetemplates @ f0e9050
parampool_to_xml @ 5bfeff1
paypal_payments @ d745d8d
pessimistic-db-locking @ 2f04e65
pingomatic @ 5e6402c
populate_entry @ 087258a
profiledevkit @ 7a723f2
publishfiltering @ 8e72f4c
publishnotesfield @ 12f2301
recaptcha @ 8adc5cd
referencelink @ 8d103b8
reflectionfield @ a34dc92
repeatingdatefield @ 972693d
richtext_tinymce @ 54321fc
section_schemas @ 708b906
selectbox_link_field @ d2787bb
selectboxfilter @ 76bf59b
seomanager @ 42dce2f
serverheaders @ afeb6c7
sessionmonster @ a0fb02c
shell @ a090abd
shrimp @ c07233e
signedfileuploadfield @ 5dbd31b
sitename @ b671da2
static_section @ 194f970
subsectionfield @ 38250f2
system_date_field @ 61391f3
templatedtextformatters @ 8df7c1a
textboxfield @ e220228
textformatter_labels @ ae92076
textileplusformatter @ 3b47539
translationmanager @ 99645ec
typogrify @ 4fbe8b1
uniqueinputfield @ 01daa1e
uniqueuploadfield @ 9ef8be0
uploadify @ cce714e
url_segments @ 776eb24
version @ 324efb7
vimeo_videos @ 264e7dd
widgeditor @ 035fd53
xml_selectbox @ e3991e7
xmlfield @ 308ae54
ysboss @ 37186c6


Unofficial Symphony CMS Extensions Library

The sole purpose of this repository is to maintain a collection of all the Symphony CMS extensions available from the official Downloads page or any other extensions that are being developed on GitHub, whether officially released or not.

To keep your collection up-to-date, just update the submodules. (Make sure your .git/config file matches the submodule list at the bottom of this README to avoid any errors.)

git submodule update --init

Or in the odd case that this doesn't work (for whatever reason, Git complains that you're using the command improperly), use these separate commands, which do the same thing:

git submodule init
git submodule update

That should make things easier. If you create or discover any more, just fork, add and send a pull request to keep the library as current as possible.

Update: As of 10 October 2009, there are 134 extensions in the Unofficial Symphony CMS Extensions Library.

Symphony CMS Extensions

Name Description Version Release Date Author
A/B Split Test Allows A/B split testing of a page. 1.0 2008-08-07 Mark Lewis
Activity Log 1.0.1 2009-05-19 Rowan Lewis
Additional Page Types Adds JSON and CSV as page output types 0.1 2009-03-02 Max Wheeler
Admin CSS Override 1.0 2009-05-31 Michael Eichelsdoerfer
Admin Rainbow Headline 1.0 2009-08-08 Nils Werner
Advanced Symphony Database Connector (ASDC) 1.2 2009-01-21 Alistair Kearney
Akismet Spam Filtering Allows you to add a spam filter to your front end saving events. 1.3 2009-02-08 Alistair Kearney
Breadcrumb 1.0 2009-01-02 Alistair Kearney
Browse DevKit 1.0.1 2009-05-20 Rowan Lewis
CacheLite Allows for simple frontend caching using the CacheLite library. 0.1.5 2009-07-29 Max Wheeler
Calendar Overlay Converts date fields into calendars. 1.0.3 2009-04-02 Rowan Lewis
Can Of Spam Protect your forms against spam with a hidden field. 1.003 2009-02-18 Rowan Lewis
Clean URL Params Allows you to use /key:value/ instead of ?key=value in URLs. 1.0.0 2009-03-24 Rowan Lewis
Collapse Sectionfields Add a link to collapse all fields in section edit pages, making field ordering a lot easier. 1.0.1 2009-07-11 Carsten de Vries
Configuration Settings Admin interface for Symphony System Preferences 1.2 2009-08-12 Stephen Bau
Content Type Mappings 1.3 2009-04-30 Symphony Team
Cookie Monster 1.1 2008-05-16 Symphony Team
Cron Symphony Extension that allows the automation of tasks via CRON 1.0 2009-08-21 Alistair Kearney
DatabaseManipulator PHP-level, SQL-like access to the database 0.4 2009-01-21 Your Hero Paul
Database Synchroniser Logs structural database changes to allow syncing between builds. 0.6 2009-09-06 Nick Dunn, Richard Warrender
Data Source: Gravatar 1.1 2008-10-21 Nick Dunn
Data Source: Param Pool to XML Adds parameter pool ($param) into your Page XML 1.0 2009-09-23 Nick Dunn
Data Source: Server Headers 1.1 2008-08-19 Alistair Kearney
Data Source Cache Force refresh of data source caches 0.1 2009-02-23 Nick Dunn
Datestamp Helper 1.0 2009-07-02 Rainer Borene
Debug DevKit 1.0.3 2009-07-24 Rowan Lewis
Deutsche Ubersetzung 1.0 2009-01-23 Nils Hoerrmann
Duplicate Entry Duplicate an existing entry using a "Save as New" button 1.0 2009-09-23 Nick Dunn
Dynamic Event Redirect 0.0.5 2009-04-01 Max Wheeler
Entity Diagram 1.3 2009-07-01 Nick Dunn
EventEx: multiple section form submission 1.01 2009-01-21 Your Hero Paul
Export Ensemble 1.9 2009-07-28 Alistair Kearney
Export Install File A modified Export Ensemble extension that exports only the workspace/install.sql file 1.1 2009-07-10 Stephen Bau
Field: Address A field for storing and geocoding address 0.7 Beta 2009-10-07 Jeremy Boles
Field: Advanced Taglist 1.0 2009-01-21 Alistair Kearney
Field: Advanced Upload An enhanced upload field with image preview. 1.004 2009-04-23 Rowan Lewis
Field: Bi Link A bi-directional linking system for Symphony. 1.0.11 2009-04-28 Rowan Lewis
Field: Character Counter Textarea This extension installs a field for counting characters in textareas. 1.1 2009-05-25 Eoghan O'Brien
Field: Character Counter Text Input This extension installs a field for counting characters in text input. 1.1.1 2009-05-25 Eoghan O'Brien
Field: Color Chooser 1.1 2009-05-25 Josh Nichols
Field: Curl Input A field that validates and tests URLs with curl. 1.0.4 2009-03-30 Rowan Lewis
Field: Date and Time A date and time field for Symphony CMS allowing multiple dates and date ranges 1.2 2009-08-26 Nils Hoerrmann
Field: Date Modified 1.0 2009-10-05 Craig Zheng
Field: Date Tag List A new way of storing dates, merging a tag list with a date field. 1.002 2008-12-05 Rowan Lewis
Field: Email Symphony Extension that only accepts email addresses and provides a hash value in the XML 1.0 2009-09-03 Alistair Kearney
Field: Enhanced Tag List 1.2 2009-06-01 Craig Zheng
Field: Expression Define simple expressions and test values against them in a data source. 1.0.3 2009-10-08 Rowan Lewis
Field: Filter Allows to filter datasource and publishing with expressions and parameters. 1.0 2009-03-12 Marcin Konicki
Field: Flex Date A field that stores an expiry date allowing quick and easy manipulation. 1.004 2009-03-19 Rowan Lewis
Field: Hash 1.0 2008-04-13 Symphony Team
Field: Image Cropper Adds image cropping functionality to upload fields. 0.1 2009-08-09 Jonas Coch
Field: Increment Number 1.0 2008-12-19 Nick Dunn
Field: Language Adds browser-languages parameter to list of all parameters available for data-sources and XSLT to use. Enables language field. 1.0 2009-03-04 Marcin Konicki
Field: Map Location 1.0 2008-02-01 Symphony Team
Field: Mediathek 2.0 2009-08-11 Nils Hoerrmann
Field: Medium Textarea Extension of the default textarea field that stores data as `mediumtext` instead of `text`. 1.0 2009-08-19 Max Wheeler
Field: Number 1.4 2008-05-14 Symphony Team
Field: Numeric Grouping Group entries on output every nth entry. 1.0.2 2009-03-30 Rowan Lewis
Field: Page Select Box 1.2 2008-12-23 Symphony Team
Field: Publish Notes Lets you add arbitary HTML to the Publish screen. 0.1.0 2009-07-29 Max Wheeler
Field: Reference Link 1.1 2009-02-13 Craig Zheng
Field: Reflection Allows you to automatically combine multiple fields into one. 1.0.6 2009-04-23 Rowan Lewis
Field: Repeating Date A field that generates, stores and filters repeating dates. 1.0.6 2009-05-15 Rowan Lewis
Field: Select Box Link 1.10 2009-07-27 Symphony Team
Field: Signed File Upload 1.02 2009-07-31 Tony Arnold
Field: Sub Section Edit linked sections within a parent section. 1.009 2009-01-29 Rowan Lewis
Field: System Date 0.1 2009-08-05 Alistair Kearney
Field: Text Box An enhanced text input field. 2.0.6 2009-07-24 Rowan Lewis
Field: Unique File Upload Upload files with unique names, using the UNIX timestamp. 1.0 2009-05-06 Michael Eichelsdoerfer
Field: Unique Text Input 1.3 2008-12-12 Symphony Team
Field: XML Textarea field that only accepts valid XML 1.0 2009-04-29 Alistair Kearney
Field: XML Select Box 0.3.1 2009-09-07 Nick Dunn
File Manager Upload, Edit and manage files and folders. 0.8.2 2008-01-31 Alistair Kearney
Filter: Email Template 1.0.13 2008-04-01 Rowan Lewis
Filter: No Editing of Entries Allows you to prevent users from editing entries from front end forms. 1.0 2009-06-12 Nils Werner
Firebug Profiler View Symphony profile and debug information in Firebug. 1.1 2009-05-05 Nick Dunn
Formatter: Rich Text (TinyMCE) 1.01 2009-07-23 Symphony Team
Formatter: Textile Plus Format text using Textile with some extra features. 1.0.2 2009-05-15 Rowan Lewis
Formatter: widgEditor 0.1 2009-01-21 Max Wheeler
Front End Authentication 1.0 2008-09-24 Symphony Team
Frontend Member Manager Allows you to manage a member driven community. 1.008 2009-03-18 Rowan Lewis
Global Parameter Loader Allows you to add parameters, PHP evaluated or not, to Symphony's parameter pool. 1.1.7 2009-05-24 Carsten de Vries
Global Resource Loader Allows you to select datasources and events to be used on all pages. 1.001 2009-01-08 Rowan Lewis
Google Custom Search Engine Use Google AJAX Search API as data source in Symphony. 2.3 2009-06-25 Marcin Konicki
HTML Formatter Allows HTML to be used as input, safely. 2.0.1 2009-06-26 Rowan Lewis
Import Manager Import data from XML documents directly into Symphony. 1.002 2009-01-06 Rowan Lewis
Improved Page Resolve Pass parameters to index if none of them selects valid page. 1.0 2009-03-02 Marcin Konicki
IP Location Lookup 1.0 2008-05-04 Alistair Kearney
JIT Image Manipulation 1.02 2009-03-06 Alistair Kearney
jQuery Date Picker 1.1 2009-01-20 Max Wheeler
Localisation Manager A Symphony CMS Extension to manage back-end localisations. 1.0 2009-09-13 Nils Hoerrmann
Logs DevKit 1.0.1 2009-05-20 Rowan Lewis
MailChimp Supports subscribing a new address, first name, last name to your MailChimp account. 1.0 2009-05-8 Mark Lewis
Maintenance Mode 1.1 2009-01-27 Alistair Kearney
Markdown and SmartyPants Text Formatter Includes 3 Text Formatters: PHP Markdown, PHP Markdown Extra and PHP Markdown Extra plus SmartyPants. This Text-to-HTML conversion tool is developed by Michel Fortin. 1.8 2007-12-06 Alistair Kearney
markItUp! Add some basic text editor buttons to every textarea that is using one of supported formatters. 1.0 2009-03-09 Marcin Konicki
Members Front end authentication system for a members site 1.0.1 2009-08-13 Symphony Team
Multiselect to Checkboxes Convert all multiselect fields into checkboxes 1.0 2009-05-17 Fazal Khan
Nested Cats 1.0 2009-03-28 Andrey Lubinov
New Visiter Use to differentiate between new and repeat visitors. 1.0 2009-04-12 Mark Lewis
Order Entries 1.8 2009-09-28 Nick Dunn
Page Fields 1.0.3 2009-07-05 Simon Keary
Pages Editor - Minimal 1.0 2009-04-30 Alistair Kearney
Page Templates Create pages from predefined templates. 0.7 2009-08-16 Craig Zheng
PayPal Payments Allows you to process and track Website Payments Standard transactions from PayPal. 1.0.1 2009-09-17 Max Wheeler
Ping-o-Matic 1.1 2009-06-11 Symphony Team
Populate Entry Choose an existing entry and with its existing values create a new entry. 1.0.2 2009-01-21 Carsten de Vries
Profile DevKit 1.0.1 2009-05-20 Rowan Lewis
Publish Filtering Add a filter box to publish index pages. 1.2 2009-07-14 Nick Dunn
reCAPTCHA This is an event that uses the reCAPTCHA service to help prevent spam. 1.0 2008-05-07 Symphony Team
Section Schemas 1.2 2009-04-16 Nick Dunn
Select Box Filter Automatically add a filter to select boxes. 1.0.0 2009-03-23 Rowan Lewis
SEO Manager Manage page titles, descriptions, keywords and even headers. 1.002 2008-12-11 Rowan Lewis
Session Monster 1.0 2008-05-12 Symphony Team
Shell Symphony Extensions that allows running commands from the command line 0.3 2008-08-18 Alistair Kearney
Shrimp Intelligent short URL redirection. 1.0.0 2009-07-01 Max Wheeler
Site Name Symphony System Preference for modifying the site name 1.0 2009-01-02 Stephen Bau
Static Section 1.2 2009-08-07 Nathan Martin
Templated Text Formatters Allows to chain text formatters into one text formatter and/or create new text formatters based on installed templates. For example You can chain Markdown and BBCode text formatters, so text will be formatted by Markdown first and than by BBCode. 1.5 2009-06-25 Marcin Konicki
Textformatter Labels 1.0.1 2009-06-25 Michael Eichelsdoerfer
Translation Manager Import and export translation files, check state of translations. 0.9 2008-12-24 Marcin Konicki
Typogrify Text Formatters Format entries using Typogrify formatter 1.0.1 2008-03-23 Tony Arnold
Uploadify Add an upload progress bar to file uploads. 1.000 2009-02-26 Nick Dunn
URL Segments Outputs all URL segments as params. 1.0.1 2009-09-16 Max Wheeler
Version Symphony System Preference for viewing the currently installed version of Symphony 1.0 2009-08-11 Stephen Bau
Vimeo Videos Cache a video from Vimeo. 0.1 2009-02-23 Nick Dunn
Yahoo! Search BOSS Use Yahoo! Search BOSS API as data source in Symphony. 1.3 2009-06-25 Marcin Konicki

Symphony CMS Extensions by Name

A listing of all the Symphony CMS Extensions by name

Symphony CMS Extensions as Git Submodules by Author

Following is the list of Git submodule commands used to build this library:

git submodule add git:// filterfield
git submodule add git:// gcse
git submodule add git:// improvedpageresolve
git submodule add git:// languagefield
git submodule add git:// markitup
git submodule add git:// templatedtextformatters
git submodule add git:// translationmanager
git submodule add git:// ysboss
git submodule add git:// nested_cats
git submodule add git:// Downloadable-Page-Type
git submodule add git:// configuration
git submodule add git:// export_install_file
git submodule add git:// library
git submodule add git:// members
git submodule add git:// sitename
git submodule add git:// version
git submodule add git:// collapse_sectionfields
git submodule add git:// globalparamloader
git submodule add git:// populate_entry
git submodule add git:// datemodified
git submodule add git:// enhancedtaglist
git submodule add git:// pagetemplates
git submodule add git:// referencelink
git submodule add git:// multiselect_to_checkboxes
git submodule add git:// charactercount_textarea
git submodule add git:// charactercounter_textinput
git submodule add git:// address_field
git submodule add git:// imagecropper
git submodule add git:// static_section
git submodule add git:// ab_split_test
git submodule add git:// mailchimp
git submodule add git:// new_visiter
git submodule add git:// additional_page_types
git submodule add git:// cachelite
git submodule add git:// dynamic_event_redirect
git submodule add git:// jquery_date_picker
git submodule add git:// mediumtextareafield
git submodule add git:// paypal_payments
git submodule add git:// publishnotesfield
git submodule add git:// shrimp
git submodule add git:// url_segments
git submodule add git:// widgeditor
git submodule add git:// admin_css_override
git submodule add git:// textformatter_labels
git submodule add git:// uniqueuploadfield
git submodule add git:// color_chooser_field
git submodule add git:// datasource_cache
git submodule add git:// db_sync
git submodule add git:// duplicate_entry
git submodule add git:// entity_diagram
git submodule add git:// firebug_profiler
git submodule add git:// gravatar
git submodule add git:// incrementnumberfield
git submodule add git:// order_entries
git submodule add git:// parampool_to_xml
git submodule add git:// pingomatic
git submodule add git:// publishfiltering
git submodule add git:// section_schemas
git submodule add git:// uploadify
git submodule add git:// vimeo_videos
git submodule add git:// xml_selectbox
git submodule add git:// datetime
git submodule add git:// german
git submodule add git:// localisationmanager
git submodule add git:// mediathek
git submodule add git:// admin_rainbow_headline
git submodule add git:// EnableTabkey
git submodule add git:// jQueryfor202
git submodule add git:// NoEditing
git submodule add git:// advancedtaglist
git submodule add git:// akismet
git submodule add git:// asdc
git submodule add git:// breadcrumb
git submodule add git:// content_type_mappings
git submodule add git:// cookiemonster
git submodule add git:// cron
git submodule add git:// email_field
git submodule add git:// export_ensemble
git submodule add git:// extension--time-field
git submodule add git:// filemanager
git submodule add git:// frontend_authentication
git submodule add git:// hashfield
git submodule add git:// iplocation_lookup
git submodule add git:// jit_image_manipulation
git submodule add git:// maintenance_mode
git submodule add git:// maplocationfield
git submodule add git:// markdown
git submodule add git:// numberfield
git submodule add git:// pages_editor_minimal
git submodule add git:// pagesfield
git submodule add git:// recaptcha
git submodule add git:// richtext_tinymce
git submodule add git:// selectbox_link_field
git submodule add git:// serverheaders
git submodule add git:// sessionmonster
git submodule add git:// shell
git submodule add git:// system_date_field
git submodule add git:// richtext_tinymce
git submodule add git:// uniqueinputfield
git submodule add git:// xmlfield
git submodule add git:// datestamp_helper
git submodule add git:// activitylog
git submodule add git:// advanceduploadfield
git submodule add git:// bilinkfield
git submodule add git:// browsedevkit
git submodule add git:// calendaroverlay
git submodule add git:// canofspam
git submodule add git:// cleanurlparams
git submodule add git:// curlinputfield
git submodule add git:// datetaglistfield
git submodule add git:// emailtemplatefilter
git submodule add git:// expressionfield
git submodule add git:// flexdatefield
git submodule add git:// frontendmembermanager
git submodule add git:// globalresourceloader
git submodule add git:// htmlformatter
git submodule add git:// logsdevkit
git submodule add git:// numericgroupingfield
git submodule add git:// reflectionfield
git submodule add git:// repeatingdatefield
git submodule add git:// selectboxfilter
git submodule add git:// seomanager
git submodule add git:// subsectionfield
git submodule add git:// textboxfield
git submodule add git:// textileplusformatter
git submodule add git:// mass-upload-utility
git submodule add git:// pessimistic-db-locking
git submodule add git:// page_fields
git submodule add git:// debugdevkit
git submodule add git:// profiledevkit
git submodule add git:// signedfileuploadfield
git submodule add git:// typogrify
git submodule add git:// databasemanipulator
git submodule add git:// eventex

Git Config

Be sure that your extensions library has an up-to-date .git/config file, or you'll run into errors when running git submodule update --init:

    repositoryformatversion = 0
    filemode = false
    bare = false
    logallrefupdates = true
    symlinks = false
    ignorecase = true
    autocrlf = false
[remote "origin"]
    url =
    fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
[branch "master"]
    remote = origin
    merge = refs/heads/master
[submodule "ab_split_test"]
    url = git://
[submodule "activitylog"]
    url = git://
[submodule "additional_page_types"]
    url = git://
[submodule "address_field"]
    url = git://
[submodule "admin_css_override"]
    url = git://
[submodule "admin_rainbow_headline"]
    url = git://
[submodule "advancedtaglist"]
    url = git://
[submodule "advanceduploadfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "akismet"]
    url = git://
[submodule "asdc"]
    url = git://
[submodule "bilinkfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "breadcrumb"]
    url = git://
[submodule "browsedevkit"]
    url = git://
[submodule "cachelite"]
    url = git://
[submodule "calendaroverlay"]
    url = git://
[submodule "canofspam"]
    url = git://
[submodule "charactercount_textarea"]
    url = git://
[submodule "charactercounter_textinput"]
    url = git://
[submodule "cleanurlparams"]
    url = git://
[submodule "collapse_sectionfields"]
    url = git://
[submodule "color_chooser_field"]
    url = git://
[submodule "configuration"]
    url = git://
[submodule "content_type_mappings"]
    url = git://
[submodule "cookiemonster"]
    url = git://
[submodule "cron"]
    url = git://
[submodule "curlinputfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "databasemanipulator"]
    url = git://
[submodule "datasource_cache"]
    url = git://
[submodule "datemodified"]
    url = git://
[submodule "datestamp_helper"]
    url = git://
[submodule "datetaglistfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "datetime"]
    url = git://
[submodule "db_sync"]
    url = git://
[submodule "debugdevkit"]
    url = git://
[submodule "Downloadable-Page-Type"]
    url = git://
[submodule "duplicate_entry"]
    url = git://
[submodule "dynamic_event_redirect"]
    url = git://
[submodule "email_field"]
    url = git://
[submodule "emailtemplatefilter"]
    url = git://
[submodule "EnableTabkey"]
    url = git://
[submodule "enhancedtaglist"]
    url = git://
[submodule "entity_diagram"]
    url = git://
[submodule "eventex"]
    url = git://
[submodule "export_ensemble"]
    url = git://
[submodule "export_install_file"]
    url = git://
[submodule "expressionfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "extension--time-field"]
    url = git://
[submodule "filemanager"]
    url = git://
[submodule "filterfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "firebug_profiler"]
    url = git://
[submodule "flexdatefield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "frontend_authentication"]
    url = git://
[submodule "frontendmembermanager"]
    url = git://
[submodule "gcse"]
    url = git://
[submodule "german"]
    url = git://
[submodule "globalparamloader"]
    url = git://
[submodule "globalresourceloader"]
    url = git://
[submodule "gravatar"]
    url = git://
[submodule "hashfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "htmlformatter"]
    url = git://
[submodule "imagecropper"]
    url = git://
[submodule "importmanager"]
    url = git://
[submodule "improvedpageresolve"]
    url = git://
[submodule "incrementnumberfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "iplocation_lookup"]
    url = git://
[submodule "jit_image_manipulation"]
    url = git://
[submodule "jquery_date_picker"]
    url = git://
[submodule "jQueryfor202"]
    url = git://
[submodule "languagefield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "library"]
    url = git://
[submodule "localisationmanager"]
    url = git://
[submodule "logsdevkit"]
    url = git://
[submodule "mailchimp"]
    url = git://
[submodule "maintenance_mode"]
    url = git://
[submodule "maplocationfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "markdown"]
    url = git://
[submodule "markitup"]
    url = git://
[submodule "mass-upload-utility"]
    url = git://
[submodule "mediathek"]
    url = git://
[submodule "mediumtextareafield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "members"]
    url = git://
[submodule "multiselect_to_checkboxes"]
    url = git://
[submodule "nested_cats"]
    url = git://
[submodule "new_visiter"]
    url = git://
[submodule "NoEditing"]
    url = git://
[submodule "numberfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "numericgroupingfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "order_entries"]
    url = git://
[submodule "page_fields"]
    url = git://
[submodule "pages_editor_minimal"]
    url = git://
[submodule "pagesfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "pagetemplates"]
    url = git://
[submodule "parampool_to_xml"]
    url = git://
[submodule "paypal_payments"]
    url = git://
[submodule "pessimistic-db-locking"]
    url = git://
[submodule "pingomatic"]
    url = git://
[submodule "populate_entry"]
    url = git://
[submodule "profiledevkit"]
    url = git://
[submodule "publishfiltering"]
    url = git://
[submodule "publishnotesfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "recaptcha"]
    url = git://
[submodule "referencelink"]
    url = git://
[submodule "reflectionfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "repeatingdatefield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "richtext_tinymce"]
    url = git://
[submodule "section_schemas"]
    url = git://
[submodule "selectbox_link_field"]
    url = git://
[submodule "selectboxfilter"]
    url = git://
[submodule "seomanager"]
    url = git://
[submodule "serverheaders"]
    url = git://
[submodule "sessionmonster"]
    url = git://
[submodule "shell"]
    url = git://
[submodule "shrimp"]
    url = git://
[submodule "signedfileuploadfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "sitename"]
    url = git://
[submodule "static_section"]
    url = git://
[submodule "subsectionfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "system_date_field"]
    url = git://
[submodule "templatedtextformatters"]
    url = git://
[submodule "textboxfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "textformatter_labels"]
    url = git://
[submodule "textileplusformatter"]
    url = git://
[submodule "translationmanager"]
    url = git://
[submodule "typogrify"]
    url = git://
[submodule "uniqueinputfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "uniqueuploadfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "uploadify"]
    url = git://
[submodule "url_segments"]
    url = git://
[submodule "version"]
    url = git://
[submodule "vimeo_videos"]
    url = git://
[submodule "widgeditor"]
    url = git://
[submodule "xml_selectbox"]
    url = git://
[submodule "xmlfield"]
    url = git://
[submodule "ysboss"]
    url = git://