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My Twitter app description:

"A multi-purpose Python module for inclusion in my other scripts."

Sets up Twitter auth tokens and provides a 'wrapper' for Twython.

The basis of this stemmed from something I found here:


  • twython, installed on shared hosting by pip3.6 install --user twython
  • A text file in which are stored your 4 Twitter auth tokens, each on a separate line. Opened in order with code like this:
f = open('twitter_tokens.txt', 'r')
tokens = f.readlines()
TWITTER_APP_KEY = tokens[0].rstrip('\n')
TWITTER_APP_KEY_SECRET = tokens[1].rstrip('\n')
TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN = tokens[2].rstrip('\n')
TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET = tokens[3].rstrip('\n')

Example script in this repo:

import TwigPen
tweettext = input('Tweet something: ')
if tweettext:
elif not tweettext:
	print('\nNothing to post.')