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Projectile is a project interaction library for Emacs. Its goal is to provide a nice set of features operating on a project level without introducing external dependencies (when feasible). For instance - finding project files has a portable implementation written in pure Emacs Lisp without the use of GNU find (but for performance sake an indexing mechanism backed by external commands exists as well).

Projectile tries to be practical - portability is great, but if some external tools could speed up some task substantially and the tools are available, Projectile will leverage them.

This library provides easy project management and navigation. The concept of a project is pretty basic - just a folder containing special file. Currently git, mercurial, darcs and bazaar repos are considered projects by default. So are lein, maven, sbt, scons, rebar and bundler projects. If you want to mark a folder manually as a project just create an empty .projectile file in it. Some of Projectile's features:

  • jump to a file in project
  • jump to files at point in project
  • jump to a directory in project
  • jump to a file in a directory
  • jump to a project buffer
  • jump to a test in project
  • toggle between files with same names but different extensions (e.g. .h <-> .c/.cpp, Gemfile <-> Gemfile.lock)
  • toggle between code and its test (e.g. main.service.js <-> main.service.spec.js)
  • jump to recently visited files in the project
  • switch between projects you have worked on
  • kill all project buffers
  • replace in project
  • multi-occur in project buffers
  • grep in project
  • regenerate project etags or gtags (requires ggtags).
  • visit project in dired
  • run make in a project with a single key chord
  • check for dirty repositories
  • toggle read-only mode for the entire project

Here's a glimpse of Projectile in action:

Projectile Screenshot

You can support my work on Projectile via PayPal, Salt, Patreon and Liberapay.

Liberapay Patreon


The instructions that follow are meant to get you from zero to a running Projectile setup in a minute. See the official manual for (way) more details.


package.el is the built-in package manager in Emacs.

Projectile is available on the two major package.el community maintained repos - MELPA Stable and MELPA.

You can install Projectile with the following command:

M-x package-install [RET] projectile [RET]

Alternatively, users of Debian 9 or later or Ubuntu 16.04 or later may simply apt-get install elpa-projectile.

Finally add this to your Emacs config:

(projectile-mode +1)
(define-key projectile-mode-map (kbd "s-p") 'projectile-command-map)
(define-key projectile-mode-map (kbd "C-c p") 'projectile-command-map)

Those keymap prefixes are just a suggestion. Feel free to put there whatever works best for you.

Basic Usage

Enable projectile-mode, open a file in one of your projects and type a command such as C-c p f.

See the user manual for more details.


  • Some operations like search (grep) depend (presently) on external utilities such as find.

Known issues

Check out the project's issue list a list of unresolved issues. By the way - feel free to fix any of them and sent me a pull request. :-)


Here's a list of all the people who have contributed to the development of Projectile.


A fairly extensive changelog is available here.


Copyright © 2011-2018 Bozhidar Batsov and contributors.

Distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 3