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  1. AzureDevOpsPolicyConfigurator AzureDevOpsPolicyConfigurator Public

    Tool for reading and updating branch policy settings based on a configuration file.

    C# 8 6

  2. chocolatey-packages chocolatey-packages Public

    Chocolatey packages maintained by BBT Software AG.

    PowerShell 1 10

  3. BBT.Maybe BBT.Maybe Public

    An option type for .NET

    C# 2 4

  4. docker-nginx-proxy-unrestricted-requestsize docker-nginx-proxy-unrestricted-requestsize Public with unrestricted client max body size.

    Dockerfile 5 5

  5. docker-swarm-monitor docker-swarm-monitor Public

    Docker image for monitoring a Docker Swarm.

    Shell 9 7

  6. docker-azure-devops-agent docker-azure-devops-agent Public

    Docker image to run an Azure DevOps agent.

    Shell 1 2


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