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! Note: This version of FLAREclient requires Oracle JDK 1.8, due to a known SSL issue with OpenJDK. All previous versions of FLAREclient (2.0.1—2.0.3) have been deprecated, and are no longer supported.

FLAREclient Version 2.0.4

December 14th, 2015 - Release Changelog

Bug Fixes
  • A bug in which XML was parsed without a namespace restriction was fixed to allow for wildcard namespaces. This was a problem when attempting to parse and save STIX content blocks from TAXII documents. XML with a namespace prefix in the Element tag would not be parsed, and thus would not be saved.

  • An unintended extraneous layer of validation was occurring prior to saving documents in listening mode. The 'listener' HTTP handler validates both TAXII and STIX immediately upon reception.


Various improvements were made for code clarity and readability. Scripts used to run the client were appended with '.sh' to make it more obvious that they are bash scripts.


Superfluous logic was purged, and an overall improvement to code efficiency was made. Dead or unused code was removed.


Methods were changed from non-static to static wherever possible, in order to improve efficiency and security. Many fields and methods that were unnecessarily public were made private, and many classes were made package-local. References to passwords were removed from method names and scripts.