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A simple, small (under 1kb minified) PubSub implementation in JavaScript. It is completely dependency-free and can be used as a RequireJS module.

##How to install It you use bower, simply install the component with it:

bower install pubsub

and then include the script file in yout html:

<script src="bower_components/pubsub/pubsub.min.js"></script>

Without bower just clone/download this repository and include the script file in your html:

<script src="pubsub.min.js"></script>

##How to use it ###Without RequireJS

window.PubSub.subscribe('test', function(a, b) {
  console.log(a); // 1
  console.log(b); // 2
  console.log(this.event); // "test"
  console.log(this.args); // [1, [2, 3, 4]]

window.PubSub.publish('test', 1, [2, 3, 4]);

###With RequireJS

define(['pubsub'], function(PubSub) {
  PubSub.subscribe('test', function(a, b) {
    console.log(a); // 1
    console.log(b); // [2, 3, 4]

define(['pubsub'], function(PubSub) {
  PubSub.publish('test', 1, [2, 3, 4]);

##API The API is very simple.

/* Subscribes a function to a specific event.
 * The function receives the event data object[s] as arguments.
 * The scope of the handler function contains event and args. {event: event, args: [data, ...]}
 * @param {string} event
 * @param {function} fn
PubSub.subscribe(event, fn)

/* Publishes an event with the supplied message data object[s].
 * @param {string} event
 * @param {anything} data - any number of event data objects.
PubSub.publish(event [, data, data, data...])

/* Unsubscribes an event handler from the specified event.
 * If event is missing, the handler will be unsubscribed from all subscribed events.
 * @param {string} event - optional
 * @param {function} handler
PubSub.unsubscribe([event], handler)

There are also some shorter aliases for convenience

PubSub.sub(event, fn) [, data, data, data...])
PubSub.unsub([event], handler)

##License This code is licensed under the MIT license. If you like it, please drop a line.


A simple PubSub in JavaScript




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