Animation libraries

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Name Latest Release Size (KB) License Unit Tests Docs Notes
Burst Canvas based. Supports SVGs, Blender3D objects, timelines, easing, command chaining and callbacks.
CanvasScript3 MIT Javascript sprite library for HTML5 Canvas similar to FLASH/ActionScript3.
Firmin A JavaScript animation library using CSS transforms and transitions.
GreenSock Animation Platform 9-35KB View A full-featured animation toolkit supporting tweens, timelines, and various plugins.
Keanu A micro-framework for animation on Canvas.
Rekapi MIT View View A keyframe API. Supports JavaScript and CSS @keyframes on DOM and canvas.
sprite.js View Created with goal of having common JS framework for desktop and web. 1
Shifty MIT View Shifty is a tweening engine designed to be lightweight and flexible.
Timeline.js Timeline.js is a compact JavaScript animation library with a GUI timeline for fast editing.
tween.js The tweening engine used in three.js.



These libraries have become obsolete one way or another.

  • doodle.js. Apparently the user has vanished from GitHub altogether! There's a small demo available, though.