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Gremlin IDE

This application is a very basic development IDE for Apache Tinkerpop ™ ( Enabled databases built using Electron and React. With this tool you are able to perform Gremlin queries and have the data returned and displayed in one of three ways. You are able to see it as a table, the JSON, or as a node chart built on top of This was my first attempt at a React and Electron App so any feedback you may have on how to improve it would be appreciated.


To run Gremlin IDE you need to click on the gremlin-ide application that you have downloaded.

Configuring Connections

In order to configure the connection to the database you need to press the hamburger menu in the top right of the window. This will bring you up a window where you are able to enter the appropriate parameters and click Save. This will then be persisted between sessions.

alt text

Note: Currently the error handling on incorrect database parameters does not exist so these will cause the system to crash.

Running Queries

In order to run Gremlin queries you need to type them into the provided textbox and either hit the Submit button or hit Shift + Enter while in the query box. This will then fire a query to the server, return the results and display them in the provided areas.

alt text

Known Issues

  • Currently Error Handling is only minimal so many things may cause this to freeze
  • Only servers returning GraphSON v2 are currently supported, others may be in the future
  • Only the Mac app is currently available for download
  • This has only been tested against Apache Tinkerpop's ™ TinkerGraph and Azure CosmosDB

Please feel free to file any issues you may find in this repo, or better yet fix the problem and put in a PR.


This repo was cloned from this starter repo

To get started:

  • Run yarn install
  • Run yarn run dev to start webpack-dev-server. Electron will launch automatically after compilation.
  • Run yarn run package to have webpack compile your application into dist/bundle.js and dist/index.html, and then an electron-packager run will be triggered for the current platform/arch, outputting to builds/
  • To build the DMG file for a Mac remove all the unneeded files from the builds folder and run yarn run dist


A development IDE for Apache Tinkerpop Enabled Databases written in React and Electron







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