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Peachpie Plaintext Benchmark

PHP running on ASP.NET Core on .NET Core

Following on from the announcement by Peachpie of the milestone of WordPress on .NET; I was interesting in trying the TechEmpower plaintext benchmark against it.

Results as follows (Azure D15 v2 Win <-> Azure D15 v2 Linux)

Pipeline depth: 16
Running 10s test @ http://...:5004/plaintext.php
  40 threads and 1024 connections
  Thread Stats   Avg      Stdev     Max   +/- Stdev
    Latency    49.94ms   76.02ms   1.29s    92.38%
    Req/Sec     7.69k     2.00k   17.05k    78.68%
  3086700 requests in 10.10s, 441.56MB read
  Socket errors: connect 19, read 0, write 0, timeout 45
Requests/sec: 305612.35
Transfer/sec:     43.72MB


Install .NET Core Sdk

Install dependencies

dotnet restore

Move into the server folder

cd server

Run in release mode

dotnet run -c Release

Connect to plaintext site at http://localhost:5004/plaintext.php