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Marketplace for Code Reviews
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Code Ponder

A Marketplace for Code Reviews

A project that I'm live coding daily on Twitch.


Anyone is welcome to contribute code or designs. Here's a walkthrough on how to add components to the ui package:

You can view the current figma mockup here and you can ask for edit permissions in this issue:

Important links


  • server

    • GraphQL server built with Node.js, Typescript, Type-GraphQL, Redis, and PostgreSQL
  • web

    • Next.js React website using Typescript
  • ui

    • React Component library using Storybook
  • common

    • shared Typescript code between server and web


  1. Clone and install dependecies
git clone
cd codeponder
  1. Make sure you have PostgreSQL running on your computer with a database called codeponder2 and a user who has access to that database with the username postgres and password postgres
  1. Make sure you have Redis running on your computer
  1. Build the common and ui package by running the following command in the root directory
yarn build:deps
  1. Setup Github client id and secret by going to
  1. Create a .env file in packages/server and fill in your client id and secret
  1. While in the server package you can start the server with
yarn start

To verified it worked, you can go to http://localhost:4000

  1. While in the web package you can start the website with
yarn dev

The website should be available at http://localhost:3000 now

  1. I would recommend running
yarn watch

In the ui package so it rebuilds it whenever you make changes.

If you need any help setting this up feel free to message me on Discord:

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