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Earthbound Themes

🎨 Code editor themes inspired by the memorable and bizarre locations from Earthbound (aka Mother 2).

Available now for Vim, VSCode, Sublime, and Atom!

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Current Themes

  • Earthbound
  • Moonside
  • Zombie Threed
  • Dusty Dunes
  • Fire Spring
  • Devil's Machine
  • Magicant (Light Theme)
  • Cave of the Past (Monochromatic Theme)

Each theme is modeled after an iconic location in the game, and all color themes follow the AA/AAA color accessibility guidelines for all font sizes.

"Darker" Themes

  • Earthbound Darker
  • Zombie Threed Darker
  • Dusty Dunes Darker
  • Fire Spring Darker

These themes are nearly identical to their "regular" theme counterparts, but use a darker background to provide a higher contrast alternative with the syntax colors.


Earthbound Screenshot


Moonside Screenshot

Zombie Threed

Zombie Threed Screenshot

Fire Spring

Fire Spring Screenshot

Devil's Machine

Devil's Machine Screenshot

Dusty Dunes

Dusty Dunes Screenshot

Magicant (Light Theme)

Magicant Screenshot

Cave of the Past (Monochrome)

Cave of the Past Screenshot

Currently Supported Editors



Refer to the vim submodule README or the plugin page on

Visual Studio Code

Install through the online marketplace, or by searching "Earthbound" in the extension manager in VSCode and installing from there.


Install through Sublime by searching "EarthboundThemes" (package info available here).


Install through atom's online package site, or by opening Atom and searching for "Earthbound" in Themes.


Contributions and PRs are highly encouraged for improvements, new color themes, support for other editors, etc.

If there are any issues with the color schemes, or if one of them has poor contrast in a particular setting, please let me know by opening an issue.