Demo to build a realtime Angular app with a Vert.x backend and distributed event bus
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This is a proof of concept that demonstrates the ability to build a realtime app with an Angular web client (powered by a Ngrx data architecture) and a Vert.x server.

Please check the Medium article Building a realtime web app with Angular/Ngrx and Vert.x for more info.


  • share and synchronize a common (Ngrx-based) state between multiple connected clients,
  • distribute in realtime (Ngrx-based) actions across multiple connected clients (which impact local states/reducers).

Note: @ngrx/store is a RxJS powered state management inspired by Redux for Angular apps. It's currently the most popular way to structure complex business logic in Angular apps.


For the demo, the app uses a simple counter example, with increment, decrement and reset actions.


Running the apps locally

# Clone the repo
git clone


Vertx server app

First, compile and run Vertx app locally.

# Go into core module directory
cd ngrx-realtime-app/server

# Build project
./gradlew shadowJar
# Or gradle shadowJar if you have Gradle installed locally

# Run the server app locally
java -jar build/libs/server-1.0.1-fat.jar

Angular client app

# Go into Angular app directory
cd ../client

# Install dependencies (you can get a burger...)
npm install
# Or yarn

# Run the client app locally
ng serve

To test the app:

  • open the client app in two separate browser windows,
  • login with 2 different user names,
  • increment/decrement/reset counter

Bugs and feedback

If you have any questions or suggestions to improve the demo app, don't hesitate to submit an issue or a pull request!