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.net / mono security and cryptography library that provides client support for ftps, gnupg, smartcard, and socks / http proxies
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security and cryptography library that includes a FTPS client, GnuPG wrapper, Windows smart card API, and proxy clients

Written in c# under LGPL3 and testing under .NET 4.0/4.5 and Mono 4.0/4.5. Compiles with .NET/Mono 2.0+ or Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10.

official repository

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Gpg Features

  • tested with Linux/Mono or Windows/.NET
  • executes Windows gpg.exe / gpg2.exe or Linux gpg / gpg2 to sign, encrypt, decrypt, verify with streams
  • retrieve a collection or DataSet of the keys
  • output ASCII Armor or Binary
  • optional passphrases when decryption data
  • async methods
  • import public keys
  • select different signing options

Proxy Features

  • tested with Linux/Mono or Windows/.NET
  • SOCKS 4, 4a, 5 (with and without authentication)
  • SOCKS5 supports Tor
  • HTTP proxy
  • factory abstraction
  • open sockets supported by creating Tcpclient object and setting TcpClient.Client = socket and passing in the constructor

Smart card Features

  • low level API for interfacing directly with smart cards
  • works with Windows/.NET only
  • p/invoke to system WINSCARD.DLL
  • send adpu commands to device (send and receive)
  • list readers
  • list cards

Ftps client Features

  • tested with Linux/Mono or Windows/.NET
  • FTP RFC 959 and RFC 1579
  • FTP over SSL / TLS
  • asynchronous methods
  • active and passive mode
  • configurable active port range
  • zLib data compression
  • upload and download file integrity support (CRC-32, SHA1, MD5) with server XCRC, XSHA1, and XMD5 commands
  • FXP
  • directory information as DataSet object or collection
  • unix symbolic link and permission
  • log transfer events
  • exists() method
  • recursive directory listing of files with GetDirListDeep()
  • transfer files with streams
  • ftp transfer restart
  • throttle data transfers with MaxUploadSpeed and MaxDownloadSpeed
  • HTTP and SOCKS v4, 4a, and 5 proxy server support
  • pluggable directory parser for archaic FTP directory listings
  • directory and file listing wildcards and regex filters
  • file transfer progress events
  • move files on the FTP server using the Move() method
  • binary or ASCII mode
  • adjust date and time to the correct time zone of local machine
  • SIZE FTP server command to retrieve the size of the file on server
  • IPv6 support (EPRT and EPSV)
  • specify IPv4 or IPv6 mode
  • specify a specific client IP address to use with PORT and EPRT commands
  • FEATS support and Features property collection
  • HASH and RANG file integrity verification
  • XSHA256 and XSHA512 support when compiled with .net 4+
  • MLST and MLSD for directory and file listings. Fall back on LIST
  • GetFileInfo() method to option information about a specific file
  • percent completed, time to completion, bytes to transfer values available in the transfer event
  • MFMT and MFCT for setting the modified date/time and created date/time
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