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This is a toy/experimental Console Graphite Browser loosely based on Graphite Composer.

It uses blessed and blessed-contrib to do all the heavy lifting. blessed-contrib is a library for building console dashboards, it provides the tree and graph widgets. blessed is the UI toolkit, it has a DOM-like API and is surprisingly easy to work with.

Next steps might be to add the Graph Options and Apply Function features from Composer. And make a dashboard view a la blessed-graphite that can display and save a grid of graphs.

Demo Screencast

Reactions to the Screencast :-)

grubernaut [4:37 PM] holy shit

obfuscurity [8:37 AM] whoa wtf

obfuscurity [8:37 AM] that’s better than the real thing lol


npm install -g terphite



Install and run from source

git clone
cd terphite
npm install

Getting started with this code (for people unfamiliar with CoffeeScript)

The code in src/ is CoffeeScript, it gets compiled to JavaScript and output to lib/.

To compile the CoffeeScript source:

cake build

Or watch source for changes and compile when modified:

cake watch

Or, if you don't like CoffeeScript, just edit the JS directly. :-)