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README converts BlueWave packet files to e-mail in mbox format.

BlueWave was a popular FidoNet mail reader. Its mail packets were ZIP
archives that contained several data files. Here's a complete
description of the BlueWave format: can process an arbitrary number of BlueWave packets and
will write the results to any given directory, one mailbox per mail
area. This program will not overwrite existing mailboxes, any new
messages will simply be added after the previous ones.

This program will not attempt to detect the character set used in the
messages, it's assumed to be CP437 but you can change the default in
the script.

Some messages use the character 0x8d to indicate a line wrap. This is
the so-called "soft carriage return" and will be replaced by a
newline. However you might want to change this behavior since that
character can also represent the "i" letter with a grave accent in
CP437. See the source code for details.

Usage example:

  $ ~/fidonet/bwave/down/bbs.* ~/fidonet/out

Have fun,