Fast and durable embedded message queue
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Just me messing around, last night it occurred to me that a b+tree is 
the perfect data structure for a basic message queue. Using tokyo cabinet 
this message queue supports a few things:

1) Fast
   Several hundred thousands messages/sec depending on their size

2) Durable
   Tokyo cabinet is memory mapped, this is still dependent on the mmap 
   implementation, but is durable enough for most people.

3) Topics
   Since the b+tree can hold lists of values for any key we can easily 
   implement multiple topic queues in the same file.

4) Transactional Fanout/Replication
   Tokyo cabinet exposes transactions on top of the memory mapped file, this
   Allows us to replicate the same message to multiple topic queues and 
   guarantee that either they all get written or none of them get written.