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  1. API-NG-sample-code API-NG-sample-code Public

    Code snippets in various languages to support API-NG client development

    Java 199 576

  2. stream-api-sample-code stream-api-sample-code Public

    Sample code for the exchange stream api which provide real time market and order data from betfair.

    C# 72 60

  3. cougar cougar Public

    Cougar is a framework for making building network exposed service interfaces easy.

    Java 27 18

  4. opentsp opentsp Public

    Time Series Pipeline (TSP) is an open metric gathering and routing system.

    Go 27 5

  5. historic-data-workbook historic-data-workbook Public

    Workbook to interpret historical data purchased from Betfair by offering a means for download, display and analysis with Excel.

    17 7

  6. node-codingstyleguide node-codingstyleguide Public

    9 4


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