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This is a utility for controlling stand-alone Flux WiFi LED light bulbs. The protocol was reverse-engineered by studying packet captures between a bulb and the controlling "Magic Home" mobile app. The code here dealing with the network protocol is littered with magic numbers, and ain't so pretty. But it does seem to work!

So far most of the functionality of the apps is available here via the CLI and/or programmatically.

The classes in this project could very easily be used as an API, and incorporated into a GUI app written in PyQt, Kivy, or some other framework.

Minimum python version


  • Discovering bulbs on LAN
  • Turning on/off bulb
  • Get state information
  • Setting "warm white" mode
  • Setting single color mode
  • Setting preset pattern mode
  • Setting custom pattern mode
  • Reading timers
  • Setting timers
  • Sync clock
Some missing pieces:
  • Initial administration to set up WiFi SSID and passphrase/key.
  • Remote access administration
  • Music-relating pulsing. This feature isn't so impressive on the Magic Home app, and looks like it might be a bit of work.
Cool feature:
  • Specify colors with names or web hex values. Requires that python "webcolors" package is installed. (Easily done via pip, easy_install, or apt-get, etc.) Use --listcolors to show valid color names.
pip install flux_led

easy_install flux_led
Scan network:
	flux_led -s

Scan network and show info about all:
	flux_led -sSti

Turn on:
	flux_led --on
	flux_led - -1

Turn on all bulbs on LAN:
	flux_led -sS --on

Turn off:
	flux_led --off
	flux_led --0
	flux_led -sS --off
Set warm white, 75%
	flux_led -w 75 -1

Set fixed color red :
	flux_led -c Red
	flux_led -c 255,0,0
	flux_led -c "#FF0000"
Set preset pattern #35 with 40% speed:	
	flux_led -p 35 40
Set custom pattern 25% speed, red/green/blue, gradual change:
	flux_led -C gradual 25 "red green (0,0,255)"

Sync all bulb's clocks with this computer's:
	flux_led -sS --setclock
Set timer #1 to turn on red at 5:30pm on weekdays:
	flux_led -T 1 color "time:1730;repeat:12345;color:red"
Deactivate timer #4:
	flux_led -T 4 inactive ""

Use --timerhelp for more details on setting timers
Show help:
$ flux_led -h
Usage: usage: [-sS10cwpCiltThe] [addr1 [addr2 [addr3] ...].

A utility to control Flux WiFi LED Bulbs.

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s, --scan            Search for bulbs on local network
  -S, --scanresults     Operate on scan results instead of arg list
  -i, --info            Info about bulb(s) state
  --getclock            Get clock
  --setclock            Set clock to same as current time on this computer
  -t, --timers          Show timers
                        Set timer. NUM: number of the timer (1-6). MODE:
                        inactive, poweroff, default, color, preset, or
                        warmwhite. SETTINGS: a string of settings including
                        time, repeatdays or date, and other mode specific
                        settings.   Use --timerhelp for more details.

  Program help and information option:
    -e, --examples      Show usage examples
    --timerhelp         Show detailed help for setting timers
    -l, --listpresets   List preset codes
    --listcolors        List color names

  Power options (mutually exclusive):
    -1, --on            Turn on specified bulb(s)
    -0, --off           Turn off specified bulb(s)

  Mode options (mutually exclusive):
    -c COLOR, --color=COLOR
                        Set single color mode.  Can be either color name, web
                        hex, or comma-separated RGB triple
    -w LEVEL, --warmwhite=LEVEL
                        Set warm white mode (LEVEL is percent)
    -p CODE SPEED, --preset=CODE SPEED
                        Set preset pattern mode (SPEED is percent)
                        Set custom pattern mode. TYPE should be jump, gradual,
                        or strobe. SPEED is percent. COLORLIST is a space-
                        separated list of color names, web hex values, or
                        comma-separated RGB triples

File Structure -> contains code to manipulate device as well as get any information from device that's needed. -> command line code for flux_led. -> contains code to identify pattern as well as set patterns. -> contains communication protocol to communicate with differnt devices. -> contins scanner to scan network and identify devices on network. -> contains code to communicate on network. -> contains code to support setting timers on devices and getting timer information from devices. -> contains helpers to calculate differnt parameters such as color, cct, brightness etc.\


A utility for controlling Flux WiFi Smart LED Light Bulbs







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