An interoperable Golang port of the Ruby Que queuing library for PostgreSQL
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Que-go is a fully interoperable Golang port of Chris Hanks' Ruby Que queuing library for PostgreSQL. Que uses PostgreSQL's advisory locks for speed and reliability.

Because que-go is an interoperable port of Que, you can enqueue jobs in Ruby (i.e. from a Rails app) and write your workers in Go. Or if you have a limited set of jobs that you want to write in Go, you can leave most of your workers in Ruby and just add a few Go workers on a different queue name. Or you can just write everything in Go :)

pgx PostgreSQL driver

This package uses the pgx Go PostgreSQL driver rather than the more popular pq. Because Que uses session-level advisory locks, we have to hold the same connection throughout the process of getting a job, working it, deleting it, and removing the lock.

Pq and the built-in database/sql interfaces do not offer this functionality, so we'd have to implement our own connection pool. Fortunately, pgx already has a perfectly usable one built for us. Even better, it offers better performance than pq due largely to its use of binary encoding.

Please see the godocs for more info and examples.