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<-- bridgin (with a pidgin) -->

    a nifty purple plugin
        to bridge multiple IM and chat sessions
        across the various chat services supported by libpurple
            (aim, facebook, googletalk, icq,,
                irc, msn, myspace, twitter, yahoo and many others)

this is a native purple plugin port of the bridgin-php project
ported to C in order to overcome the limitations of the original php/dbus script

some new functionalities this allows:

  • supressing echo to public chats of admin commands and status reports
  • better handling of special forms such as '/me' , smileys , etc ...
  • issuing admin commands in the standard form ('/add' instead of '?/add')
  • painfree installation and automatic loading with pidgin
  • running on a nox box , windows , or mac

##build instructions for debian (ymmv)

cd into your build dir and load the pidgin sources and build deps

apt-get source pidgin
sudo apt-get build-dep pidgin

cd into ./pidgin-x.x.x/ and build pidgin and finch
you do not need to install this build
it is only used to simplify building the bridgin plugin
if you already have pidgin , finch , or adium installed
you can delete this entire directory after building the plugin
if you want to use this newly compiled pidgin or finch
you may need to remove some of the ./configure --disable* switches

cd ./pidgin*
./configure --disable-gtkui --disable-vv --disable-meanwhile --disable-avahi --disable-dbus --disable-perl --disable-tk

now go make some C(__) and when the build has completed
copy the contents of this repo into ./libpurple/plugins
cd into the plugins dir and run the install script

cp </path/to/bridgin/sources>/* ./libpurple/plugins/
cd ./libpurple/plugins/
chmod a+x ./install

if your $HOME environment variable is properly set
the install script should reply with the following message
and pidgin will launch automatically upon successful installation

"compilation success - installing to YOUR_HOME_DIR/.purple/plugins/"

the bridgin plugin should now be available to pidgin in Tools->Plugins
if it is not then use this command to check that the plugin was installed

ls $HOME/.purple/plugins/

if there is no output then you will need to manually move the file ''
into YOUR_HOME_DIR/.purple/plugins/ or /usr/lib/purple-2/ then restart pidgin

if you are running without X or you do not want pidgin to launch automatically
use this comand to compile and install only

./install nolaunch

if you do not want the plugin to be automatically installed into your home dir
use this comand to compile only


build instructions for windows

follow these instructions to build pidgin for windows
then copy the contents of this repo into PIDGIN_SRC_DIR\libpurple\plugins
cd into PIDGIN_SRC_DIR\libpurple\plugins then make and install with:

make -f Makefile.mingw bridgin.dll
copy bridgin.dll %APPDATA%\.purple\plugins


a libpurple plugin for bridging pidgin/finch conversations








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