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* resolve Ledger issue

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Binance Chain Client

Binance Chain is a blockchain developed by Binance and its community, that focuses on building a performant matching engine and exchange over a decentralized network.

Binance Chain clients are released as compiled executables in this repo, with a few variants:

  • Full Node: downloads full blockchain and relays transactions
  • Light Client: does not sync state or relay transactions

For more on which client to run, see Light Client vs Full Node.

Installation Script

We have a community-maintained installer script ( that takes care of chain directory setup. This uses the following defaults:

  • Home folder in ~/.bnbchaind
  • Client executables stored in /usr/local/bin (i.e. light or bnbchaind)
# One-line install
sh <(wget -qO-

In the future, we may release an official installer script
e.g. sh <(wget -qO-

Docker node

Building locally

git clone
cd node-binary/docker && docker build . -t binance/binance-node

Run interactively

docker run --rm -it --ulimit nofile=16000:16000 binance/binance-node

Run as daemon

ufw allow 27146/tcp
docker run -d --name binance-node -v binance-data:/opt/bnbchaind -e "BNET=prod" -p 27146:27146 -p 27147:27147 -p 26660:26660 --restart unless-stopped --security-opt no-new-privileges --ulimit nofile=16000:16000 binance/binance-node

For more details see in the docker directory.

Manual Installation

We currently use this repo to store historical versions of the compiled node-binaries.

Running a Full Node

Running a Light Client


  • Delete the ~/bnbchaind directory and subdirectories
  • Delete the bnbchaind or lightd executable

Example: If you installed using installation script:

rm -rf ~/.bnbchaind
rm /usr/local/bin/lightd
rm /usr/local/bin/bnbchaind

Common Issues and Solutions


  1. Airdrop Tool
  2. Token Issue&Listing GUI