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The Bioinformatics Unit provides researchers at CRG-CNAG/PRBB and external organizations with bioinformatics services and training


  1. master_of_pores master_of_pores Public

    Nextflow pipeline for analysis of direct RNA Nanopore reads

    Nextflow 83 15

  2. MOP2 MOP2 Public

    Master of Pores 2

    Nextflow 20 7

  3. ExOrthist ExOrthist Public

    ExOrthist: a pipeline to extract exon orthologies at any evolutionary distance.

    R 20 5

  4. BioNextflow BioNextflow Public

    A collection of modules and sub-workflows for Nextflow

    Nextflow 25 3

  5. allele_specific_RNAseq allele_specific_RNAseq Public

    Allele Specific RNAseq

    Nextflow 8 1

  6. nextflow-course-2024-alba nextflow-course-2024-alba Public

    Forked from biocorecrg/nextflow-course-2023-fall

    Nextflow course for ALBA - 2024

    Python 1


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