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TIC allows to efficiently develop GUI components which can be used both in Swing and SWT projects. The graphical output, as well as mouse and and keyboard reactions of a component need to be implemented only once and TIC allows to use the component in both toolkits. Therefore it provides adapter classes converting both paint methods and mouse and key events between the two toolkits.

Developers who need to offer components that work with Swing and SWT in the same way (e.g. developers of GUI component libraries) can make use of TIC to ease up the implementation process. An example for a GUI library that offers all its components in a Swing and SWT version is LibrAlign for which TIC was initially created.

TIC is distributed under LGPL. More information can be found at

Getting started

The documentation and the JavaDoc are available on the website. A basic demo application can be found here.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact

Source code

This GitHub repository in a synchronized mirror of the master repository at bioinfweb. Feedback and pull requests are welcome. Synchronization was made possible by SubGit.


If you want to submit a bug report or feature request, please use our public bug tracking system at (We do not manage issues on GitHub directly.)


TIC is distrubuted under GNU General Lesser Public License Version 3. See NOTICE.txt for further details.

This product includes dependencies developed by the Apache Software Foundation distributed under the terms of the Apache License Version 2.0.

Binary releases

Binary releases and Maven code can be found at

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Toolkit Independent Components (TIC) - A Java library for creating toolkit-independent GUI components compatible with Swing and SWT





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