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deficiency components

This is a curated listing of components with a deficiencies like If you see a component that doesn't fullfil BioJS, please add it here.


  • incomplete API documentation (sparse_doc)
  • no unit testing (no_tests)
  • no snippets (no_snippets)
  • major bugs (major_bugs)
  • lack of events to interact with (sparse_events)
  • not answering github issues (inactive_on_github)


I improved my component - how can I remove the negative badge?

Just make a pull request to this repository and within remove your component from the list.

How can I report or tag a component?

Just add a new entry to our list - only the categories listed above are valid.

  1. Pick tags from the above categories
  2. Add it to the end of the YAML list

Here is a mini guide for YAML:

  - item_1
  - item_2

(The items use two spaces)

I want to tag components, but I fear that people can get mad at me.

You don't need to be afraid - most of the authors of the deficiency components have vanished anyway and if they are still active they are grateful for your work.

How can I add a new category?

Just update this file, and add a explanation to


  • send an automatic email to the package authors when their packages has been tagged



This file is part of a community effort to improve BioJS. As long as you retain this notice you can do whatever you want with this stuff. If you meet some day with one of the contributors, and you think their contribution is worth it, you can buy them a beer (or orange juice) in return.