add CWalletTx::GetImmatureCredit() and use it in CWallet::GetImmatureBalance() #1479

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Diapolo commented Jun 18, 2012

This harmonizes CWallet::GetImmatureBalance() with CWallet::GetBalance() and CWallet::GetUnconfirmedBalance().


How should this be tested?

sipa commented Jun 18, 2012

I suppose you could temporarily add an immature_amount to the gettransaction() RPC, and immature_balance to getinfo(), and mine a few blocks on testnet.

Diapolo commented Jun 20, 2012

I "only" verified this patch with Bitcoin-Qt on testnet, I'm not sure how to test this with bitcoind, as I can't compile it. Help would be appreciated, as this testing is blocking a merge.

Automatic sanity-testing: PASSED, see for binaries and test log.

luke-jr commented Aug 12, 2012

@Diapolo Those builds from @BitcoinPullTester should help you out

Diapolo commented Aug 13, 2012

@luke-jr How does this help? You mean using the Qt version from jenkins and using it on testnet?

Diapolo commented Aug 25, 2012

Guys, I setup bitcoind and can use it to pass RPC commands, but I simply don't know how you want me to test the function there, as GetImmatureBalance() seems to be only used by Qt?

I could for sure add obj.push_back(Pair("walletversion", pwalletMain->GetImmatureBalance())); to RPC getinfo, but as I can't compile bitcoind I would rely on @BitcoinPullTester to create a bitcoind.exe for me and need to revert that change before this would be considered mergeable.

sipa commented Aug 25, 2012

GetImmatureBalance looks correct from reading it, and it's only used within the Qt code. I'm sure we can use it in RPC code as well, but let's do that later.

Diapolo commented Aug 26, 2012

@sipa I didn't want to push or create a usage scenario for RPC, I just wanted to say I dunno how to further test this code :). As I said in Qt it does the job and asked if it will get accepted that way or what I can do now.

sipa commented Aug 26, 2012

ACK on the changes to core; I didn't test the UI changes.

Automatic sanity-testing: PASSED, see for binaries and test log.

Diapolo commented Nov 13, 2012


@laanwj laanwj commented on the diff Nov 13, 2012
@@ -926,9 +926,8 @@ int64 CWallet::GetImmatureBalance() const
for (map<uint256, CWalletTx>::const_iterator it = mapWallet.begin(); it != mapWallet.end(); ++it)
- const CWalletTx& pcoin = (*it).second;
- if (pcoin.IsCoinBase() && pcoin.GetBlocksToMaturity() > 0 && pcoin.IsInMainChain())
- nTotal += GetCredit(pcoin);
+ const CWalletTx* pcoin = &(*it).second;
laanwj Nov 13, 2012 Owner

Why change this to a pointer instead of a reference (&)? IMO &(*it).second; is slightly more ugly code, and in C++ it's generally advised to use references instead of pointers where possible (for type safety etc).

Diapolo Nov 13, 2012

Same as below, I wanted this to be similar to the other functions, perhaps it would be a good idea to update all these to be more C++ style then? But I'm not sure if core devs would ACK such a change on that code-part?

laanwj Nov 13, 2012 Owner

Satoshi is a very bad person to learn C++ style from 🐩 If you want an example of well-structured, readable C++ I can recommend reading source from LLVM.
And I'm not sure either, it doesn't warrant changing all the functions I guess... maybe just leave it like this then.

@laanwj laanwj commented on the diff Nov 13, 2012
@@ -563,6 +567,20 @@ class CWalletTx : public CMerkleTx
return nCreditCached;
+ int64 GetImmatureCredit(bool fUseCache=true) const
+ {
laanwj Nov 13, 2012 Owner

(I wonder why this implementation is in the .h, not the .cpp, but I suppose you simply followed the example of GetAvailableCredit)

Diapolo Nov 13, 2012

Indeed, I just used what was there. Sometimes I have not that wide view/knowlegde you have in the area of coding :).

@laanwj laanwj merged commit f2b1280 into bitcoin:master Nov 13, 2012
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