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Fix duplicate shortcut usage in sign/verify message dialog. #2032

merged 1 commit into from Jan 1, 2013

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burger2 commented Nov 22, 2012

This fixes the duplicate shortcut usage in sign(alt+s)/verify(alt+v) message dialog.

Bug described in issue: #1927

Diapolo commented Nov 23, 2012



Automatic sanity-testing: PASSED, see for binaries and test log.

burger2 commented Dec 18, 2012

Will this fix still work after all the commits done lately?

Diapolo commented Dec 18, 2012

Yes, as there were no recent changes to signverifymessagedialog.ui this commit will merge just fine to current master.

@laanwj Ping :)

Diapolo commented Jan 1, 2013

Can we get this merged please?

Bitcoin member
sipa commented Jan 1, 2013

This seems to change both sign and verify to alt-m ?

Diapolo commented Jan 1, 2013

@sipa Indeed, but they are on different tabs and each tab is reached by the now changed shortcut, so that we now have a shortcut to reach the tab and a shortcut to execute the sign or verify :).

Bitcoin member
laanwj commented Jan 1, 2013

Tested: indeed, typing alt-m triggers the shortcut in the current tab

@laanwj laanwj merged commit 15ffcc3 into bitcoin:master Jan 1, 2013
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