Added -txnotify to call a script when a transaction is received #2364

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Bobalot commented Mar 13, 2013

More or less copied code from the -blocknotify and -walletnotify, but for all accepted transactions.

Is there a good reason not to implement this? As far as i can tell any DOS attack will be limited by the rate limiting of free transactions and even then process spawn limits can be set on any unix system.

As long as the script does something simple, such as adding the txid to a queue, then there will be little chance of the number of spawned processess building up. This is very useful to people who would otherwise have to rely on constant polling or centralised services such as websockets.

Automatic sanity-testing: PASSED, see for binaries and test log.

Diapolo commented Mar 21, 2013

As long as this consists of that many commits I'm rather sure no core dev will give you an ACK, so you should squash everything into one commit.


gavinandresen commented Mar 24, 2013

RE: "Is there a good reason not to implement this?"

The attitude for the core client is the the opposite: Is there a good reason TO add this?

Unless you have a compelling use case for this, I'd rather leave it out. Less is generally better, less code to review for security issues, fewer bugs, ...


gmaxwell commented Mar 24, 2013

@Bobalot Can you walk me through what problem this solves that isn't solved equally well by just polling once a second (to a few seconds)?


jgarzik commented Mar 24, 2013

Per-tx events are going to average at least once per second. For this patch -- yuck -- you are continually running new OS processes. It is far more efficient to combine stock bitcoind with if you simply want to see all transactions that are accepted (and relayed) by bitcoind.

Therefore this patch and polling are both the wrong solutions IMO.


gmaxwell commented Mar 24, 2013

My point about polling was that new transactions are coming in at more than once per second, so simply polling every few seconds will be less work, no dos exposure, and can still give acceptable responsiveness.

Automatic sanity-testing: PASSED, see for binaries and test log.
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It, however, dies sometimes and fails to test properly, if you are waiting on a test, please check timestamps and if the test.log is moving at
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Bobalot commented Apr 5, 2013

I guess you're right, launching a new process is a terrible thing to do on every transaction. This was really just an ugly hack, having found mini-node it seems using that would be a much easier and safer way to achieve what I wanted.

@gavinandresen it isn't really a good idea to implement this, but the same can be said for -blocknotify and -walletnotify, if they only create further code to review.

@gmaxwell you're right this would be easier by polling, but i've found using pynode is even easier.


sipa commented Apr 5, 2013

Yes, I consider -blocknotify and -walletnotify also borderline ugly and inefficiently, but this is just too resource-intensive for what it gains. The 0mq support could do things like this much better, imho.


sipa commented Apr 12, 2013

No consensus, closing.

@sipa sipa closed this Apr 12, 2013

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